Namvaran chairman

«The only thing that we love more than a good challenge is the reward of an innovative solution»

We are a passionate team of experienced engineers and dedicated managers who proudly carry on the tradition for innovation, inspiration and professional excellence that was established when Namvaran began in 1979; a solution-provider to the clients faced with the overspreading challenge of lacking local professionals in Iran’s Oil and Mining sector.

Now after three and a half decades in the service of our country, as an industry leader, what inspires us is our journey toward becoming an independent EPCM contractor in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Mines and Metal projects through managing the uncertainties.

The trust and integrity among the founders of Namvaran worked as the perfect foundation for series of success stories which today we are immensely proud of, due not only to the experiences gained in our focused industries but also to the reputation we gained for our unique corporate values; friendly and open work environment, honest and moral work conduct with all our business partners.

As time passes finding world-class professionals may not be that difficult in our resource-rich country but due to the rapidly-changing challenges in the business, provision of flexible and independent consultancy services to our clients who are our most valued partners always comes first for all members of Namvaran family; we in Namvaran, love challenges as we feel confident that our passion for resolving our clients’ issues will help us win the complications over.

One of main reasons behind becoming the Namvaran has been our resolution to focus on value for our clients; the fact that we start each project with having the start-up stage in mind means no step is taken without aiming for the desired final result by client.

And we would not be where we are without tremendous dedication of our brilliant team members and the deeply rooted trust of our clients and partners on Namvaran.

Counting on these two pillars, Namvaran will keep serving the clients with its creative solutions

Ahmad Attar
Managing Director Chairman's signature