Our values

What We Value

We are a nationally renowned consulting and engineering firm servicing clients across the country and the region. We do our best to stay true to our people as well as our clients and the basic culture on which the company was grounded:
Professionalism, Honesty, Trust and Fairness


We are judged by how we act

Namvaran is built upon time-tested values of professionalism and honesty. In 1979 we were founded on a strong sense of integrity, dedication to quality service and a firm commitment to excellence.
The reliability of our performance and the enduring result of our services, are evidenced in our quality work for our clients.


We work by our promise, which encourage competitive superiority, teamwork, trust and fair return for all

To create a trusted and fair working environment for both our people and those who work with us, at Namvaran, we provide a promising path by offering a transparent structure and credible process where we can find effective, fair and lasting solutions together.